Why WeChat is important for your marketing strategy ?

WeChat is a lifestyle, a symbol of this era. Compare to Weibo, Wechat provides indepth engagement between brands and consumers, it is a very important way to build loyalty for brands.

WeChat key factors

WeChat has over 768 million monthly active users (by Q3 2017), with over 10 million+ official accounts.

– 86.2% of the users are between 18-36

– 80% of Chinese high-net-worth consumers use WeChat

– 53.3% users use Wechat numerous times per day;

– Over 87% of users use Wechat 10 times per day.

– 59.7% users use Wechat over 60 mins per day; 75% users over 30 mins per day.

– Users spend more time on WeChat than on any other apps in China.

– For the 80% of WeChat users following an official account, the main purpose is to get information.


WeChat Functions:

Top things Chinese people do on Wechat:

  • Interactive with friends- 80.3%
  • To know the latest news- 50.2%
  • Share useful info for life/work – 49.6%
  • Obtain useful info for life/work – 49.1%
  • Find interested info – 45.8%

– WecChat has endless possibilities in the field of interactive marketing and business promotion. The functions that WeChat provides are by far surpassing all other social media platforms.

– WeChat is Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Paypal, Shazam, Viber and Uber, all combined into one app.

– WeChat is the sheer volume of its plugins, functions and features, which is basically everything anyone could use on a smartphone. Getting a taxi, paying for drinks, organizing work-related meetings, chatting with friends

– Through WeChat’s chat functions, users can have individual conversations with your friend or make a group chat. There is a large variety of emoji’s to choose from to express your mood.

– The ‘moments’ function is comparable to Facebook’s timeline, where you can follow what your friends are doing and comment on their pictures.

– Through ‘subscription account’ it is possible to follow your favorite companies or media sources, from CCTV to McDonalds. Except for a great social media platform, WeChat is also an important way for (Chinese) media and businesses to stay in touch with their audiences.


WeChat Account Types

There are two types of accounts.  Companies can choose Service Account or Subscription Account.

Service Account located at people’s friends list, compare to subscription account-which located in a subscription accounts folder together with many other brands, Service account located at a more noticeable place, easier for people to find your brand. If you try to provide customer service to the consumer, letting them easily to find you and message you, then you should go for this option.

However, these accounts only allow brand to push out content/articles four times a month.

Subscription Account allowing brand to push out messages on a daily bases,  this provide a good opportunity for users engage with your brands regularly. – This account type is a better option for brand building specifically, and engage new followers with more regular updated information and promotions.


WeChat Services at OKOMP

Wechat services at Okomp – we provide full digital services from verified account set up, strategy development, to content creation and grow your Wechat account.

Our Wechat services include:

– Set up verified Wechat account

Social media strategy

– Content strategy

– Social media content creation

– Wechat Social media account management – daily management

– Social campaign development and promotions

– Chinese social media KOL endorsement, KOL management – Wechat KOL Management

– Social ad in-platform promotion

– Social media report

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