WeChat User Report 2015

OKOMP Marketing 2 June, 2015

Targeting Chinese consumers? WeChat is definitely something you don’t want to ignore. It is one of the most important Chinese social media platforms.

On 13th May 2015, Tencent (the company that developed WeChat) released its 2015 annual report. Here are some key points on WeChat users.


Highlights of WeChat User Report 2015

  1. By the end of Q1 2015:
    • WeChat monthly active users reached 549 million,
    • covered 200 countries,
    • 20+ languages,
    • 8 million+ official accounts
    • WeChat mobile payment users reached 400 million
  2. The functions that WeChat provides are by far surpassing all other social media platforms. This infographic lists 15 key functions. Please note, Wechat is not only used between friends, but also by businesses in China now.
  3. Mainly male users
  4. Users’ average age: 26
    • 86.2% of the users are between 18-36
    • For the below-18 age group, the preferred social media platform is QQ
  5. 80% of Chinese high-net-worth consumers use WeChat
  6. 25% of WeChat users check WeChat more than 30 times a day, 50% check more than 10 times a day.
  7. Users spend more time on WeChat than on any other apps.
  8. For the 80% of WeChat users following an official account, the main purpose is to get information.
    (Infographic: by Curiosity China)


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