Official WeChat User Statistics 2015 (Info )

OKOMP Marketing 18 November, 2015

In the end of October, on Tencent Global Partner Conference, for the first time, Tencent released Official Wechat User Statistics 2015

Wechat is still the most influential social media app for Chinese users, especially young professionals. Selectively we put some data together hope it can help you to understand Chinese Wechat user more.

Sep 2015 average daily login reached 570,000,000
Daily active user increased to 64% from 49% in 2014
Most active shopping time is 10am, and 10 pm
The most active Wechat voice call are made from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou.

Wechat official Report 2015 Sep,Wechat user journey map 2015 Sep

Wechat user report 2015 Sep

2015 WeChat statistics also released the user journey map, which is very beneficial for companies who want to understand the Chinese user behaviour, or target them on specific occasion.

Wechat User Journey map

Wechat User Journey map 2015 Sep

Wechat is not only a social app, or a new way to connect. It is becoming everything of Chinese young people’s life.

There are a lot of other detail information we haven’t put into this article, such as user using the app to purchasing products from O2O platforms (such as taxi, food, beauty service etc) , Wechat store and friends.

This morning when I was browsing Wechat moment, one friend showed a screen shot, that her husband transferred some cash into her wechat account. Because she saw a nice dress on wechat, and want to buy it, her husband immediately transferred the money to her wechat to let her purchasing it.

Have to stop now, I am going to have a meeting on Wechat with my colleagues.