Chinese 10 year visitor visa – Is your business ready for it ?

OKOMP Marketing 28 October, 2015

During Chinese president Xi’s 4 days state visit in the United Kingdom, Prime Minister David Cameron made the announcement of a very good news for Chinese visitors.

From The month of January 2016, new visitor visas for tourists from China would be valid in the UK for 24 months, which is four times the present six month threshold for regular visitor visas. In addition there are plans to establish a new 10 year multiple entrance visit visa exclusively for Chinese tourists at no additional charge.


Prime Minister David Cameron stated: 

“China is starting to become one of our fastest-growing tourism markets therefore making it simpler and more effortless for Chinese visitors to visit the UK is very important. This explains why the announcement I’m making this day is good news for our tourism business and good news for the British economy making it possible for us to make the most of Chinese purchasing power even further. “
The longer period of visiting visa will certainly motivating much more Chinese visitors to UK and residing longer, this will substantially benefit the UK’s tourism economy. Every 22 extra Chinese tourist can create a whole new job in the industry.

In accordance with the data from VisitBritain, Chinese tourists in the UK apparently spend approximately £2,688 per visit, and they presently contribute £500 million each year to the UK economy with record figures going to the UK to take full advantage of all the retail opportunities and visitor attractions on offer – up 35% between April and June this year when compared to the same period in 2014. Over the past 5 years (2009 to 2014), the amount of Chinese visitors visiting UK has tripled from 115,000 in 2009 to 336 ,000 , with spending boosted by 326% .

But what exactly does this implies to your business in the UK? 

  • Much more prospective customers with strong purchasing power
  • Greater exposure to the Chinese middle class
  • Much more sales


How You Can Get ready For It 

Increase your brand consciousness and reputation among Chinese consumers. Render your product on their shopping list whenever they visit UK.

  • Chinese content marketing & SEO could help you to boost publicity in Chinese community and increase awareness.
  • Chinese are expending 26 .1 hours every week on social media, they love sharing their experience on social media, most especially if they are travelling abroad.
  • More and more Chinese tourist visit London.
  • Create consumer activities to motivate Chinese tourist to discuss their experience or story with your brand on Chinese social networking website.
  • Chinese consumers are price conscious nevertheless they are very generous to purchase top quality, and luxury. Therefore a special gift, or a valuable discount/ deal will substantially improve your conversion rate.
  • Employing the service of a Chinese speaking sales assistant to interact with Chinese tourist will advance the consumer experience.
  • Coming up with some bilingual promotional materials can save you time to give explanation your products; make sure you make use of expert copy write for your Chinese website translation. Google translate could save you time, however the translation is challenging and lots of mistake in Chinese.

Local businesses in the UK should really anticipate a lot more Chinese customers throughout 2016 Chinese New Year. I hope you should all be prepared to get more sales at that time.

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