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OKOMP Marketing 17 April, 2015

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If you want to show you are single in China, please wear jeans. This is one interesting insight from a Chines men’s fashion report in a recent survey conducted by GQ magazine. The sample covered 1331 Chinese men in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi an, Shenyang and Chendu.

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Man in different city in China dressed different, and in general Chinese men’s awareness about fashion brands are relatively low which raises an alarm for the Top international brands, and an opportunity for them.

Here is a brief highlight of the Chinese men’s fashion report:

You dress up for ?

  • 18.6% Beijing man dress up for their partners.
  • Over 32% Shanghai, Xian, Shenyang man dress up for themselves.
  • 28.6% Guanzhou man dress up for work
  • 34.7% of Chengdu man chose dree up for social purpose

How do you want you to look like ideally?

  • 33.7%  in 20-25 year old group chose elite look
  • 20.9% of 36+ group like casual look

In general Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou men are more trendy, and prefer elite look.

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Chengdu, Xian, Shenyang man prefer casual and outdoor.

What kind of trousers do you like ?

  • Causal trousers rated 63% while Jeans got 58.3% support.
  • Cusual trousers are more prefered by 31-35 year old group, the percentage is 68.2% , and younger man prefer jeans, especially the single man.

The major problems Chinese man when they dress up?

  • Not good looking
  • Difficult to find the right size, and don’t know how to match.
  • Too many choices available which is confusing, they have no idea what suit them
  • Working dress is suit, so they are lack of variety in their wardrobes and don’t have
  • Don’t have professional fashion advisor to help them.

When mention a big label, which man’s brand first pop out?

  • Qi Pi Lang : 9.3%
  • Louis Vuitton: 6.8%
  • Giorgio Armani: 6.5%
  • Nike: 5.7%
  • Jing Ba Nan Zhuang : 4.4%
  • Hai Lan Zhi Jia: 3.5%
  • Adidas:3.4%
  • Li Lang:2.0%
  • Versace: 2.0%
  • Others: 56.4% (around 1% or less LiNing, Dior, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Chanel, Playboy, JinLiLai, Hermes, Younger, Jack&Jones… )

How much is the most expensive clothes in your wardrobe?

  • 42.9%,  £50 – £200
  • 35% , £200 – £500
  • 12.4%, £500-£100
  • 5%, £1000 +
  • 4.7%, less than £50

82.7% of  the man surveyed  in Shanghai will bring a bag with them when they go out, 10.4% owns clothes worth  £1000+ , 9.6% owns accessories which cost over £1000.


Guangzhou and Shenyang man are more  willing to pay for watch.


79.6% of the man did online shopping in the last 1 month. Higher income group prefer to shop on the Brand official website, while the lower income group choose Taobao and other Apps.

42.5% shopping overseas or access oversea website to do shopping clothes.