New Chinese Advertising Law – Using “BEST” May Lead to RMB 1 million penalty

OKOMP Marketing 2 September, 2015

In the last couple of days, discussions regarding China tightened new Chinese advertising law has been flooded in Chinese social media. Almost every company involve in MARKETING IN CHINA or SELLING IN CHINA has been affected by the new Chinese advertising law.

New Chinese Advertising Law Noteworthy changes:

1.False advertisemen 

Superlative words are not allowed to use in online advertising and online store, it will lead to a false advertisement with penalties that from RMB0.2 million. Previously only traditional advertising are regulated not allowed to use superlative words, now generally companies use words such as “Best, Most, Cheapest, Quickest… ”

  • ” Number 1, leading, global, only, best seller, last chance, top, first, champion, 100%, authentic, premium, accurate… Click to win, click to get a surprise …, click to get a gift…” may lead to a false advertisement. (more list please refer to the Chinese words list)
  • Chinese advertising law


Real experience needed for product endorsement, celebrities need to use the product before they can endorse it.
Children younger than the age of 10 can no longer serve as an endorser of a product or service.

3.Medical and healthcare related advertising
Medical, healthcare, medical device, supplement advertising further tightened.
Endorsing for medicine and health care products advertising is forbidden.

Tobacco advertising is further regulated, tobacco advertising is banned in mass media.
Marketing in China is never been easy, now is even tougher. Companies should be extra careful about their content, copy writing to avoid unnecessary penalties.

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