China Internet User Data Update July 2017

OKOMP Marketing 28 July, 2017

CNNIC (the China Internet Network Information Center) published the 40th China Internet report recently, here’s the China Internet User Data Update July 2017

In the first half year of 2017, China’s new internet user number is 19,92 million. By June 2017, total China internet user reached 751 million. Internet penetration in China is 54.3%.

Mobile internet user reached to 724 million, which takes as high as 96.3% of the entire internet user number.

China Internet User Data Update by July 2017


Internet connection by devices:

  • PC – 55.0%
  • Laptop – 36.5%
  • Mobile – 96.3%
  • TV – 26.7%
  • Table: 28.7%

China online user connecting internet via different devices



Amongst all the China internet user, age group of 20-29 years old takes the highest percentage, 30-39 years are the second largest group.

China Internet User Age Group