Baidu SEO -5 Differences Between Baidu and Google SEO

OKOMP Marketing 29 May, 2023

What works on Google SEO seems not working on Baidu SEO ?

Baidu has been the number 1 search engine in China and  dominated the Chinese search engine market for a long time.  When marketing in China, Baidu SEO and Baidu SEM is like the mandatory for lots of companies.

Quite a number of clients asked me before they start Baidu SEO or Baidu PPC work in China” we ranked very well on Google, but on Baidu, consumers can’t find us, why ?”

Most of the SEO techniques and principles  are universal across different search engines in different markets.  However, when it comes to Baidu SEO, it is quite different from Google SEO .

The top 5 differences between Baidu SEO and Google SEO as below:

1.The time it takes to be included on Google and Baidu 

Google is much faster when capturing new website, especially when the site has some high-quality backlinks.

However, on Baidu will only include the new website after a relatively longer time of examination the website content.

Baidu has a higher requirement on website content. It is also due to the strict control on website content in China.


2.The time it takes for SEO practice to see some result on Baidu and Google

Google is slower than Baidu in terms of search optimisation take effect.

Google has a sandbox effect for a new site. No matter how good the optimization it is, it would be really hard to rank high on Google.

However, on Baidu, once your website has been included on Baidu, it is more likely to rank high after you done proper Baidu SEO work

3.Weight of external links

Google weight the relevance between the links and contents. While Baidu will measure the relevance as well as the quantity and variety.

Conducting Baidu SEO in China, build up high-quality links and indexations from a wide range of relevant websites is an important factor to rank your website high. A large media pool, good relationships with local media, industry portal will be very helpful.

4.Internal Links

Google does not consider the depth of the link while ranking a page, even lots of lower level directory pages can good ranking on Google. For example, if you have a same keyword in your homepage and a first level directory page title, it is more likely your first level page will rank higher.

However,this is an opposite way in Baidu SEO. Baidu has a clear hierarchy on websites, the higher level page is preferred. That’s probably one of the  reasons why Chinese website home page always full of contents.

5.Content Preference:

google emphasis on technology , google prefers a technical and original content.

However Baidu emphasis  games, entertainment, music, and other leisure content;

There are many factors that determine if the content is original, such as backlinks, indexed time, PR value level and so on, all these factors together determined the ranking and the weight of your site.

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