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Why Did Cosmetics Stocks Drop Sharply?

Cosmetics stocks experienced a sharp drop during the recent Chinese and Korean stock crisis.

Formerly Korea’s wealthiest stockholder, Amore Pacific chairman Seo Kyung-bae lost US$1.29 billion in one […]


Break into the China market – China Cosmetics Animal Testing FAQ

Recently I have received numerous enquiries on animal testing in relation to Chinese cosmetics. For ease of reference, I have compiled all of the answers to these […]


WeChat User Report 2015

Targeting Chinese consumers? WeChat is definitely something you don’t want to ignore. It is one of the most important Chinese social media platforms.

On 13th May 2015, Tencent […]


How to enter China cosmetics market ? — product registration guide

Although over 80%  market share of China cosmetics market is dominate by international companies,  this still can not reduce the foreign cosmetic companies’ passion to enter this […]


Five Key Channels in China’s Cosmetics Market: Analysis

Any cosmetics company that wants to break into China’s cosmetics market needs to understand and choose the right channels. In this article, we analyse the pros and […]


Five Important Facts About Online Beauty Purchasing Behaviour in China 2015

Five Important Facts About Online Beauty Purchasing Behaviour in China 2015

The Chinese cosmetics market is continuously growing at a rapid rate. Since 2007, the online cosmetics market […]


Top 7 China Cosmetic Market Trends in 2015

Since 2014, China has emerged as the world’s largest beauty and cosmetics market, followed by the USA and Japan.

However the average spending on cosmetics in China is […]


Chinese Social Media Impact Report

China is probably the most social media obsessed nation in the world. On average, Chinese spend 78 minutes on social media everyday, while Americans spend 67 minutes. […]


4 Facts – Chinese E-Commerce Trend

(1) Retail stores will become the “product show room”.

• 16% of the digital products are sold online, compared to only 1% 5 years ago.
• 30% of consumers […]


Chinese men’s fashion report

If you want to show you are single in China, please wear jeans. This is one interesting insight from a Chines men’s fashion report in a recent […]