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6 Reasons Why Cosmetic Brand in China Should Use WeChat

If cosmetic brand in China wants to have a better engagement rate and interactive relationship with Chinese customers, WeChat is the tool they need to use. The […]


Official WeChat User Statistics 2015 (Info )

In the end of October, on Tencent Global Partner Conference, for the first time, Tencent released Official Wechat User Statistics 2015

Wechat is still the most influential social media […]


How’s the UK brands Performaned in Chinese Market on Single’s Day ?

Chinese Market on Single’s day
I was listening to The Economist during breakfast while they are discussing Chinese market, specifically the Chinese Single’s day 11.11 online sales.

On my […]


China’s New Two Child Policy – And How It Links To Business Opportunities for UK Companies

Last week, China’s government has enrolled a new law in which around 90 million families may qualify for the new China two-child policy, making the one-child barrier […]


Chinese 10 year visitor visa – Is your business ready for it ?

During Chinese president Xi’s 4 days state visit in the United Kingdom, Prime Minister David Cameron made the announcement of a very good news for Chinese visitors.

From […]


China-Britain Joint Science and Technology Summit

The China-Britain Joint Science and Technology Summit aspires to connect top-tier technology startups with potential investors. Gain insight of the China and UK markets, network with High […]


6 Steps to Market in China More Cost Effectively

China is the second largest market in the world. There are 650million online users in Mainland China, and online spending will reach £180 billion in 2016. The […]


Top Tips to Get Your First Impression Right in Chinese Business

Conducting business internationally can be great for making a name for your company or your brand, but it is important to note that when meeting international clients […]


New Chinese Advertising Law – Using “BEST” May Lead to RMB 1 million penalty

In the last couple of days, discussions regarding China tightened new Chinese advertising law has been flooded in Chinese social media. Almost every company involve in MARKETING […]


How Cosmetics Companies Can Benefit from Chinese Cross-Border E-commerce

2014 marked the official start of Chinese cross-border e-commerce, and it is becoming a way for international brands not yet in China to enter one of the […]