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How to choose a China B2B Marketing Agency

Choosing a great marketing agency for China starts with asking the right questions

OKOMP Marketing 12 June, 2023

Master WeChat for B2B Marketing in China

Discover how a single app can manage your sales funnel from marketing to closing deals.

OKOMP Marketing 30 May, 2023

Baidu SEO -5 Differences Between Baidu and Google SEO

What works on Google SEO seems not working on Baidu SEO ? Baidu has been the number 1 search engine in China and  dominated the Chinese search engine market for a long time.  When marketing in China, Baidu SEO and Baidu SEM is like the mandatory for lots of companies. Quite a number of clients […]

OKOMP Marketing 29 May, 2023

Top Tips to Get Your First Impression Right in Chinese Business

Conducting business internationally can be great for making a name for your company or your brand, but it is important to note that when meeting international clients you should keep in mind some very important cultural differences. For instance, when conducting business with the Chinese, there are a number of important tips that you should […]

OKOMP Marketing 6 May, 2023

July 2017 China Internet User

China Internet User Data Update July 2017

CNNIC (the China Internet Network Information Center) published the 40th China Internet report recently, here’s the China Internet User Data Update July 2017 In the first half year of 2017, China’s new internet user number is 19,92 million. By June 2017, total China internet user reached 751 million. Internet penetration in China is 54.3%. Mobile internet user reached to […]

OKOMP Marketing 28 July, 2017

Emerging Communications Acquires OKOMP Digital marketing division

LONDON – December 15, 2016 — Emerging Communications has acquired the digital marketing division of OKOMP, becoming one of the largest, and most experienced Chinese digital marketing agencies in the UK. There is now significant demand from UK and European brands to export to China, or target Chinese customers within Europe, and Emerging Communication’s wanted to strengthen […]

OKOMP Marketing 15 December, 2016


Shopping online via Wechat – JD’s collaboration with Wechat

Nowadays, the social media platform WeChat has become extremely popular amongst a vast amount of China’s population. The Tencent Holdings owned messaging app allows users to not only talk to friends, but to discover the latest news, to shop online, to pay bills, play games and more. On the other hand, the western consumer accesses […]

OKOMP Marketing 23 August, 2016

Wechat Advertising

WeChat Marketing- WeChat Releases self-service Moments Ads Platform

Just last week, WeChat released a new service enabling to manage Moments Ads via a self-service platform. Tencent is also adding social ads, location based ads, and additional targeting options. Read to the end to learn more about these new & upcoming features.   The features Accounts with “Moments ads” enabled can now be invited […]

OKOMP Marketing 19 January, 2016

Tencent released Webank’s 1st Internet banking product in China

Tencent, the Chinese internet giant launched its private internet bank in Januaray 2015, last Friday 15th May, their first bank product – “Weilidai” opend to 50,000 selected clients. Weilidai is focusing on providing credit based internet small loan, with maxium RMB 200,000 credit, daily interest rate is 0.05%, APR18%. Weilidai is connected with Tencent’s another […]

OKOMP Marketing 31 December, 2015

Shanghai, China, Tencent Wechat

Official WeChat User Statistics 2015 (Info )

In the end of October, on Tencent Global Partner Conference, for the first time, Tencent released Official Wechat User Statistics 2015 Wechat is still the most influential social media app for Chinese users, especially young professionals. Selectively we put some data together hope it can help you to understand Chinese Wechat user more. Sep 2015 average […]

OKOMP Marketing 18 November, 2015

Chinese Luxury Travel

China’s New Two Child Policy – And How It Links To Business Opportunities for UK Companies

Last week, China’s government has enrolled a new law in which around 90 million families may qualify for the new China two-child policy, making the one-child barrier a history. With a main aim of helping the population to rise to an estimated 1,5 billion in the next 15 years, the National Health and Family Planning […]

OKOMP Marketing 4 November, 2015

Chinese 10 year visitor visa – Is your business ready for it ?

During Chinese president Xi’s 4 days state visit in the United Kingdom, Prime Minister David Cameron made the announcement of a very good news for Chinese visitors. From The month of January 2016, new visitor visas for tourists from China would be valid in the UK for 24 months, which is four times the present […]

OKOMP Marketing 28 October, 2015

The China-Britain Joint Science and Technology Summit

China-Britain Joint Science and Technology Summit

The China-Britain Joint Science and Technology Summit aspires to connect top-tier technology startups with potential investors. Gain insight of the China and UK markets, network with High Profile Investors from China and UK and explore new investment directions. Uniquely positioned to bring together technology and business, this full day event will include keynote speeches, panel […]

OKOMP Marketing 20 October, 2015

6 Steps to Market in China More Cost Effectively

China is the second largest market in the world. There are 650million online users in Mainland China, and online spending will reach £180 billion in 2016. The largest and keep growing middle class is attracting more and more western companies. However entering Chinese market is always costly. Is there any alternative way to enter Chinese […]

OKOMP Marketing 13 October, 2015

Advertisign in China

New Chinese Advertising Law – Using “BEST” May Lead to RMB 1 million penalty

In the last couple of days, discussions regarding China tightened new Chinese advertising law has been flooded in Chinese social media. Almost every company involve in MARKETING IN CHINA or SELLING IN CHINA has been affected by the new Chinese advertising law. New Chinese Advertising Law Noteworthy changes: 1.False advertisemen  Superlative words are not allowed […]

OKOMP Marketing 2 September, 2015

WeChat User Report 2015

Targeting Chinese consumers? WeChat is definitely something you don’t want to ignore. It is one of the most important Chinese social media platforms. On 13th May 2015, Tencent (the company that developed WeChat) released its 2015 annual report. Here are some key points on WeChat users.   Highlights of WeChat User Report 2015 By the […]

OKOMP Marketing 2 June, 2015

Five Key Channels in China’s Cosmetics Market: Analysis

Any cosmetics company that wants to break into China’s cosmetics market needs to understand and choose the right channels. In this article, we analyse the pros and cons of the major Chinese cosmetics channels. As a basic overview, department stores and chain stores are still the major channels for cosmetic products. However, the market share […]

OKOMP Marketing 27 May, 2015

Chinese Social Media Impact Report

China is probably the most social media obsessed nation in the world. On average, Chinese spend 78 minutes on social media everyday, while Americans spend 67 minutes. More than 50% of consumers rely on word of mouth, compared to only 40% in the US. The function of Chinese social media is evolving very fast, from communication […]

OKOMP Marketing 17 April, 2015