Chinese Web Design & Hosting

With high technical skills and solid China UX experiences, we provide you with a comprehensive website design and development service. The website we build for you are fully responsive on difference devices.


“User centric, sustainable, responsive Chinese web design”.

Our Chinese website design are user centric, based on our year’s of experience and understanding of Chinese UX and users’ online behaviour. We create solid information architecture and provide compelling and intuitive web design.

We help you to create the perfect balance between a design that represents your global brand proposition and also embed elements to meet Chinese people’s preference.


Our web developers have extensive expertise in PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. We specialise in creating user-friendly, responsive interfaces. We also take into consideration the Chinese web browser preferences and settings, as it is significantly different from the west. We ensure the website is optimised for not only desktop computers, but also for smartphones, tablets etc.

We provide customised content management system with all the tools needed for content updates.

In addition, the CMS comes with a extensive list of features and available plugins.