Chinese Social Media & Content Marketing

We provide top quality, high relevancy, and valuable content to the right audience, we amplify your brand awareness on Weibo, Wechat.


An effective Chinese social media marketing campaign allows you to build a relationship between you and your customers, but also to drive direct engagement to your products and services.

China has 688 million internet users, the largest in the world. Over 90% of internet users in China are using mobile phones to access the internet, and an average Chinese internet user spends over 2 hours online  – Chinese netizens are very sociable. WeChat marketing accounts for 75.3% of the over mobile marketing.

The Chinese social media landscape is very different from the west. There are 6 different types of social media network :

– Instant messenger:  QQ, Wechat, Momo etc.

– Social portals: Weibo, Qzone,RenRen etc.

– Photo/video based social network: MeiPai, MiaoPai etc.

– Forum based: Douban Baidu Tieba, Zhihu etc.

– Dating websites: ,58 Jiaoyou etc.

– Professional social networking sites: Linkedin, Maimai etc.


Chinese social media services at Okomp – we provide Weibo advertising, Wechat advertising, as well as advertising on other Chinese social media platforms.

Our social media services include:

– Set up Chinese social media account – Weibo, Wechat account

– Social media strategy

– Content strategy

– Social media content creation

– Social media account management – daily management

– Social campaign development and promotions

– Chinese social media KOL endorsement, KOL management – Weibo KOL Management, Wechat KOL Management

– Social ad in-platform promotion

– Social media report